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Continuous Pentesting

By eliminating all bureaucracy, a new way of doing Pentesting is possible. Increase your team's proactivity, start making cybersecurity part of your development cycle and fix your vulnerabilities before they get exploited.

How it works


Set up your account in minutes.


Get Strikers assigned automatically based on your needs.


The Strikers will report your vulnerabilities and retest them when you fix them.


Retest until your system is safe.

Ongoing Vulnerabilities

Why Continuous Pentesting

Discover the most complete way to protect your system.

Enhance your development cycle

Continuous Pentesting is an innovative way to address cybersecurity. Instead of having a traditional Pentest from time to time, keep your system protected throughout the entire year. This will allow you to find critical vulnerabilities in any feature before they hit production.

Enhance your development cycle

Fully customizable Report

While your dedicated Strikers work to find your vulnerabilities, a downloadable report is generated in real-time. That’s not all: it’s customizable depending on who you are sharing it with. For example, send the Executive Summary to your CEO and the full report with the technical details to your team.

Download a sample report

Fully customizable Report

Flexible scope to fit your needs

Strike works with a flexible scope in mind because there is no standard way of working that can fit every need. Do you require a red team exercise for a specific feature? A change of Strikers? Or maybe, an adjustment in the number of dedicated hours? Get it in one click.

Flexible scope to fit your needs

Why Strike’s Pentesting

Pentesting has never been so easy. Discover how we work.

Working with other companies

Working with Strike


Choose your desired scope and let the Strikers start. Change it anytime.

Real-time reports

Download your customizable reports anytime.

Fluid communication

Chat directly with the Strikers.

Continuous security

Let your vulnerabilities be found and fixed all year round.

Global top talent

Get the most suitable Strikers for your needs.

Complementary Products

Get amazing products to complement Continuous Pentesting.

Automated Scans

Powered by Acunetix

In addition to the deep Pentesting done by the Strikers, you will also have your system continuously scanned. This will help you find your most common vulnerabilities in no time, and even more important: this complements the manual Pentest that’s being performed by the Strikers.

Vulnerability Manager

We know Pentest Reports are essential. However, if you are having regular Pentests with so many documents, it can get really messy. That’s why we created the Vulnerability Manager, a central place to check your vulnerabilities and find quick actionables to address them.

Still wondering why Strike is the partner you need?

Let us show you. One minute is more than what we need.