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A security stack so powerful you won’t believe it’s free.

Discover vulnerabilities within your system in a glimpse. Enhance your daily operations and prepare for pentesting.

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All-in-one solution

Detecting every possible thread, from simple bugs to cloud misconfigurations and malicious URLs.

Automated Scans

Get your web-apps continuously scanned to find security vulnerabilities in development, staging and production environments. Strengthen your overall security over time.

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Speed and efficiency

Select the URLs you want to test and start the scanning immediately. Get your results in minutes.

Recurrent scanning

Scan your apps continuously to improve the cybersecurity standards of your company.

Multi-target testing

Instead of testing one URL at a time, use parallel scanning to discover the vulnerabilities of every one.

Attack Surface Monitoring

Maintain a continuous discovery and inventory of your organization’s assets. Prioritize your cybersecurity operations backed by data.

Discover takeover risks

Examine, analyze, and assess your cybersecurity in your cloud infrastructure. Identify all of your potential threats and obtain actionables, all in one place.

Find open ports

Get warnings about open ports on your network. Address each alert to reduce the likelihood of any issue.

Scan DNS infrastructure

Scan all DNS servers within your infrastructure and discover any issues fast.

Cloud Security

Examine, analyze, and assess your cybersecurity in your cloud infrastructure. Identify all of your potential threats and obtain actionables, all in one place.

Alignment with compliance

Improve your organization's cloud infrastructure security to be in line with compliance standards such as PCI, GPDR, SOC2, HIPAA and ISO27001.

Real-time examination

Detect security threats in your cloud environment with our automated scans. Address your vulnerabilities in real-time.

Continuous surveillance

Don't lose any track. Monitor your AWS resources continuously and be aware of changes in your infrastructure.

Phishing Monitor

Scan over your domain and find which malicious URLs on the internet could potentially target your users for phishing attacks. See them all in one place.

Detailed information

Get relevant information about all the malicious domains found, such as their IP address, registration provider, mail server, and status.

Similarity by percentage

Don’t leave with any doubts. See how the malicious URLs that were found are similar to your domain by percentage.

Clear timeframe

Check out when the malicious URLs were discovered and last seen.


Prepare for Pentesting

Use Strike’s security stack before, during, and after every pentest to get better results.

Pentesting augmented by technology

Complement your pentest with the power of Strike’s security stack to get x3 better results. With all the information about your findings in a centralized platform, your Striker can be more efficient and find the most interesting vulnerabilities.

The most advanced pentesting platform

Not only will you work with the best ethical hackers, but they will do it through an innovative SaaS platform. Set up your pentest in minutes, get the right striker assigned, and change the scope as needed - as many times as you want.

A report that is always waiting for you

Instead of asking for a report at the end of your pentest, you can download it anytime you want. The report is automatically generated with all the findings your strikers have reported. Use it to help your company get through compliance processes.

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Working with Strike was an excellent experience for us. We were able to create our own pentests and change their scope each month. The Strikers are world-class professionals who provide us with relevant findings quickly and efficiently. Also, automated tools like Phishing Monitor are really interesting for our company, because they help us spot fake domains trying to impersonate PedidosYa.

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Eduardo Gimenez

Eduardo Gimenez

Chief Information Security Officer

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