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Inside Strike: How our elite community of Ethical Hackers sets the standard in Pentesting

Inside Strike: How our elite community of Ethical Hackers sets the standard in Pentesting

Within the cybersecurity field, precision and expertise can make all the difference, and Strike stands at the forefront with its commitment to excellence. That is why we are committed to cultivating an elite community joining the top 1% of the world's ethical hackers to offer the best pentesting experience to every organization.

To achieve this goal, we have meticulously developed a series of processes and policies aimed at ensuring the selection of only the most qualified individuals, while also upholding rigorous standards.

In this article, you will learn how the insider process for recruiting top-tier ethical hackers set our pentesting platform apart.

How do we recruit the best ethical hackers in the world?

As we mentioned, the internal process for recruiting ethical hackers is meticulous. Check it out, step by step:

1. Waitlist

New ethical hackers eagerly join our waitlist every day, aspiring to become part of our elite community. During this phase, they learn about our unique operational framework and the high standards we uphold.

2. Vetting and validation

Ethical hackers face a rigorous vetting process crafted by our Expert Hacking Team. They must prove their expertise through challenging tests, demonstrating their qualification to be part of the top 1% of ethical hackers worldwide.

3. Background check and ID verification

Each ethical hacker undergoes a comprehensive personal interview to ensure they not only excel technically but also align with our values and professional standards. This ensures that we maintain our unwavering dedication to excellence.

4. Ongoing evaluation

Becoming a part of our community marks the beginning, not the end, of our commitment. We continuously monitor and support every member, ensuring they consistently deliver exceptional results and exceed the expectations of our partnering companies, thereby instilling trust in our system.

How do we assign the right Strikers to companies?

Creating a top-notch community is just the beginning. To make sure every company working with Strike gets the best pentesting experience, we match them with the right Striker.

We look at things like the technology they use, their experience in different industries, their time zone, and even what languages they speak. This way, each company gets paired with the ethical hacker who's best suited for their specific pentesting job.

1. Pentest setup

When a company requests a pentest, our system automatically gathers all relevant details, such as the pentest type, technologies involved, and any pertinent company data. If it's not their first pentest, we also consider their past experience to ensure continuity.

2. Automatic matching

Our system carefully selects 3-5 Strikers who are well-suited for the pentest, aiming to align their expertise with the company's specific needs.

3. Expert evaluation

After filtering the candidates, our Expert Hacking Team personally evaluates and selects the ideal pentester from the preselected Strikers. This combination of advanced technology and human expertise ensures a reliable process, boasting a success rate of over 95% in matching the right pentester with the right company.

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