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Endless Security

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Perpetual Pentesting

Strike is all about taking care of your system's health. That's why we created Perpetual Pentesting (PP), the key procedure to elevate your cybersecurity level.

Instead of testing your system once in a while, do it regularly. Set up your vital information in minutes, and start getting tested. It's incredibly precise and vulnerabilities are reported in real-time. Start making security a part of your development cycle.

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Unveil the secret of Endless Security

Check your vulnerabilities in real-time and create reports in 1 click.

Send your vulnerabilities to retest every time you fix them.

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Surgical-grade cybersecurity granted

Delivering top-quality cybersecurity is not about automation or following standards. It's about Experts testing your system in creative and counterintuitive ways. That's why we count with world-class Strikers and Security Leaders in our lineup.

Swaroop Yermalkar

Security mentor with over 8 years of industry experience. Actually working for Strike as Head of Striker.

Santiago Rosenblatt

Worldwide AppSec referent. Defended the greatest companies in LATAM.

Cesar Cerrudo

World-renowned cybersecurity researcher with +20 years of experience.

Evolution that extinguishes
the old

Getting rid of everything that is wrong in our industry.

By combining top talent with automation, we are changing the dynamics of the market with a next-generation toolset. With this approach, companies have their system checked consistently, eliminating all pre-existing barriers.

hours wasted

Lack of transparency

Primitive communication

Unreasonable pricing

A completely
new category

Our vision is clear: deliver world-class cybersecurity fairly.

Cybersecurity services available on the market are outdated. Big consultancy firms, for example, offer a high-quality service, but also require high budgets and spare time to fill tons of paperwork. On the other hand, automatic scanning tools are much more accessible, yet they fail to deliver the in-depth information most teams actually need. Strike entered the market to fill that sweet spot.

Compare by yourself. We go for real.

Strike is all about delivering top-quality security fairly.

If your company paid for an old-fashioned Penetration Test in the last 6 months, get Striked with 30% OFF to feel the difference.


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