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Compliance plan

Get your compliance report in less than 24hs

Automated testing to discover vulnerabilities quickly. Get your report to obtain SOC2, HIPAA and ISO 27001 certifications.

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Compliance pentesting

Register, scan & download the compliance report. Is that simple.

Security testing enabled by technology to deliver great results with no delay.

Get your compliance badges

Strike’s automated tests can help you meet the standards of the most relevant certifications: SOC2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, and more.

Compliance-oriented testing

Our tools were crafted with compliance in mind. The testing matches exactly what the auditor wants from you.

Overall audit

The testing looks for potential threads all over your system.

Compliance-ready report

Get your PDF report as soon as possible. Use it to approve any audit.

Before you blink

Once your domain is verified, you will be able to turn on the automated scans and start getting results incredibly fast.

Easy validation

Validate your domain immediately to start your scans at incredible speed.

Quickly results

Get your results with incredible speed. 24hs can be enough to deliver your compliance-ready report.

Prepare for pentesting

Automated Testing is the best way to get your team ready for a deep manual pentesting.

Your report is always ready

Don’t wait for your report. Instead, the report will always be waiting for you on our platform. It autogenerates with all findings so you can always download your up-to-date version.


The report template is created with Compliance in mind. It is designed to match the expectations of all compliance regulators.

Downloadable anytime

Don’t worry about losing your PDF Report. Instead, it is always ready for your in our platform, so feel free to download it as many times as you need.

Always updated

The report is autogenerated with information about every finding, so it is always updated.

Tools crafted for compliance

Discover an advanced security stack that is tailored to meet your auditors needs and get you through any compliance process.

Automated Scans

Get your system continously scanned to find vulnerabilities in development, staging and production enviroments.

Attack Surface Management

Maintain a continuous discovery and inventory of your organization’s assets.

Cloud Security

Examine, analyze, and assess your cybersecurity posture and configurations in your cloud infrastructure.


Prepare for Pentesting

Use Strike’s security stack before, during, and after every pentest to get better results.

Pentesting augmented by technology

Complement your pentest with the power of Strike’s security stack to get x3 better results. With all the information about your findings in a centralized platform, your Striker can be more efficient and find the most interesting vulnerabilities.

The most advanced pentesting platform

Not only will you work with the best ethical hackers, but they will do it through an innovative SaaS platform. Set up your pentest in minutes, get the right striker assigned, and change the scope as needed - as many times as you want.

A report that is always waiting for you

Instead of asking for a report at the end of your pentest, you can download it anytime you want. The report is automatically generated with all the findings your strikers have reported. Use it to help your company get through compliance processes.


Working with Strike was an excellent experience for us. We were able to create our own pentests and change their scope each month. The Strikers are world-class professionals who provide us with relevant findings quickly and efficiently. Also, automated tools like Phishing Monitor are really interesting for our company, because they help us spot fake domains trying to impersonate PedidosYa.

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Eduardo Gimenez

Eduardo Gimenez

Chief Information Security Officer

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