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Get hacked by the good guys (so the evil ones don’t)

Discover the team of Strikers that will keep your system protected. Work with highly skilled professionals that will find your vulnerabilities and help you fix them.

Worldwide recognitions and certifications

Strikers are top tier experts in cybersecurity and have major credentials.


- among others -

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

- among others -

Bug Bounty Hounters

Top #100 - All time leaderboard

Strikers work for your safety.
See how they do it.



Strikers community is so diverse that every company can find the right match in every sense. Get pentested by Strikers according to your time zone, language or industry.

Constant communication

Constant communication

Pentesting is a process where communication is crucial. Chat with your Strikers regularly and make them help you fix the vulnerabilities that were found.

We onboard the best ethical hackers of the market

Every company deserves a qualified and professional Striker. We aim for excellence.


Becoming a Striker

New ethical hackers are joining our waitlist everyday to become Strikers. At this stage, they learn about the unique way Strike works.



Then, they have to pass rigorous testing. In addition, they need 5+ years of experience, important credentials and specific certificates such as OS (CP, CE, WE), eCPPTv2, eCPTX, eWPTxv2, among others.


Background Check

We interview personally every single ethical hacker. We do this because we need to confirm that they work as professionally as needed from a human perspective.


Continuous Validation

Once a Striker becomes a part of the team, the story is far from over. We track every one of them to the detail, to ensure that companies working with us have the best pentesting experience.

End-to-end privacy All findings are only yours.

Privacy and trust are at the core of what we do. We work hard to respect confidentiality, integrity and availability of all data.

We are tested by our own Strikers.

To ensure high cybersecurity standards, we are also users of our own product.

Encrypted communication.

All interaction between companies and Strikers in our platform is encrypted.

Rigid privacy policies.

We have a rigorous policy on how we work at every level, and zero tolerance to any privacy leak.

Strikers are choosing Strike

Meet some of our amazing Strikers and discover why they prefer Strike. They are from all over the world and work in industries like fintech, gaming, crypto and healthtech, among others.

Fady Othman

Being a striker has been a great experience. It is allowing me to interact with great companies, with pentest targets that are really interesting, and also I gained more experience getting to learn new technologies.

Fady Othman

Yatin Sirpaul

I decided to join Strike and be a part of this community not only to contribute my skills in securing the digital space, but also get an opportunity to work on various different projects which would enhance my skills as well as learn from amazing strikers community from across the globe.

Yatin Sirpaul

Genaro Franceschelli

Working with Strike is an opportunity to share a space with people who love to do the same as I do in Latin America. It’s also really important to be a part of a project that helps other companies understand the importance of cybersecurity risk, and even better, improve these aspects and diminish vulnerabilities.

Genaro Franceschelli

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Join the greatest community of cybersecurity professionals and start helping amazing companies.

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