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Phishing Monitor: A SaaS feature that will help you protect your users’ information

 Phishing Monitor: A SaaS feature that will help you protect your users’ information

Phishing attacks are one of the most important cyberattacks nowadays. They involve a cybercriminal and a deceptive message; their main goal is to trick the user and make them deliver sensitive information to steal their money or data.

Businesses are often the main victims of phishing attacks. Imagine you have a fintech app. If one of your users gets tricked by a phishing website that looks like yours, your reputation will decrease tremendously.

Most times, companies can’t avoid these types of attacks since malicious URLs are spread all over the internet and impersonate their brand to potentially steal their users’ data from different parts of the world.

Why was the Phishing Monitor developed?

Only in 2022 was there a 61% increase in the rate of phishing attacks compared to 2021, with more than 255 million of them.

The most usual way of targeting phishing victims is through emails. In 2021, there were an average of 16.5 leaked emails per 100 internet users. These emails are sent to the user impersonating a legit business, and as a consequence, they provide their data trusting the sender.

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Users are also becoming more likely to suffer from phishing attacks since firewalls, secure email gateways, and proxy servers are not enough to stop these threats. As a consequence, malicious actors are more commonly launching phishing attacks from trusted sources that look like the original company without any kind of restriction.

As a result of this problem, Strike launched the Phishing Monitor, a SaaS feature that aims to prevent companies and their users from suffering these attacks.

The monitor, which is part of Strike’s platform, is an ally for all the pain points that a company can potentially suffer from fraud. This feature consists of analyzing clients' domains in order to find similar URLs on the internet that may be used for targeting their users with phishing attacks through their similar-looking website or emails.

How does the Phishing Monitor work?

The feature analyzes two variants: Strike’s clients' domains and similar domains on the internet. In case the domain has a website, it calculates the similarity percentage in order to detect which of them at first glance seem legit but are not.

After that, these malicious URLs are reported so the clients can look at them and take action. As a result, they will have all the information they need about the twisted domains, all centralized in our end-to-end platform. This data includes:

  • The status of the malicious URLs, whether they are active or not.
  • IP address.
  • Percentage of similarity with the original domain.
  • If the domain has a hosted website or mail server, this makes it easier to understand where they can potentially target your users.
  • Date of discovery and when they were last seen.
  • An image of the malicious domain so you can check what it looks like.
  • The possibility to take action and report the URL so it potentially gets banned.

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At Strike, we’ll keep developing these types of features because we believe that cybersecurity has to be addressed in a 360° way, both with automatic and manual tools.

Since phishing attacks can occur in all kinds of businesses, every single client will be able to access this feature, which is included in our plans. Check them out and see which one works best for your business.

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