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Top quality cybersecurity for your business

Register in one minute, set the scope and lay down while our top Strikers start finding and fixing your vulnerabilities

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From crypto to fintech and e-commerce

Join the most innovative companies and achieve their cybersecurity level

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Cybersecurity enhanced by technology

Automated tools

Discover the easiest way to find and fix vulnerabilities in your system. Strike's automated tools helps your security and development team work together to make cybersecurity part of their development life cycle.

Manual pentesting

World-class pentesting led by strikers, the top 1% of ethical hackers out there. Work with the same amazing pentesters as Google, Microsoft and Amazon, among other big companies. Use the platform to get constant updates and feedback on how to fix vulnerabilities found.

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Being a striker has been a great experience. It is allowing me to interact with great companies, with pentest targets that are really interesting, and also I gained more experience getting to learn new technologies.

Fady Othman

Fady Othman

Top quality Pentesting by world-class Strikers

Strikers have top-tier recognitions and certifications.

We recruit them in a sophisticated onboarding process. You don’t have to worry, you are working with the best.

They are global, so will perfectly fit into your language, time zone and industry.

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What is it like to team up with Strike?

Flexible scope

Flexible scope

Choose your desired scope and let the Strikers start. Have a new priority? Just change your targets and start getting results instantly.

Reports in real time

Reports in real time

Undergoing an audit? We have you covered. With Strike you can download your report suitable for compliance within seconds!

Great communication

Great communication

Never miss on the important! Get notified instantly and use Slack to interact fluently with your Strikers, so you are always secure.

The media is talking about us

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Why Strike’s Pentesting

Pentesting has never been so easy. Discover how we work.

Working with other companies

Working with Strike


Choose your desired scope and let the Strikers start. Change it anytime.

Real-time reports

Download your customizable reports anytime.

Fluid communication

Chat directly with the Strikers.

Continuous security

Let your vulnerabilities be found and fixed all year round.

Global top talent

Get the most suitable Strikers for your needs.

We are backed by lead investors

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Still wondering why Strike is the partner you need?

Let us show you. One minute is more than what we need.

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