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Automated Scans: a new feature to keep your system protected

Automated Scans: a new feature to keep your system protected

To protect a system’s integrity and security, it’s important to adopt different techniques.

One of the most important ones is, most definitely, pentesting. With this method, an ethical hacker will test vulnerabilities in order to find out what a hacker might do to attack your system and get information or money.

However, there are other ways to test vulnerabilities that complement pentesting and ensure the process will be - even more - efficient.

With Automated Scans, Strike’s new feature, you’ll be able to shield your system in every possible way.

What do Automated Scans do?

When we talk about Automated Scans, we refer to a tool that automatically looks for and identifies different vulnerabilities in your system.

These vulnerabilities could be found in different points of your network, like servers, laptops, or firewalls, among others. Once the automated scan is done, a vulnerability report about all the bugs found within your system is delivered.

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So far, everything sounds great. However, there’s an issue here: an Automated Scan, by itself, is not enough to protect your system in every possible way.

This happens because hackers use creative and counterintuitive ways to attack, and an automated scan - since it’s done automatically and not by a person - can most of the time miss that.

That’s why this process is done to complement Strike’s pentesting solution and raise its effectiveness.

How does it work?

The functioning of Automated Scans is quite easy because Strike, along with Acunetix, handles most of the process.

  1. Select your main domain for free on Strike’s platform.
  2. Turn the switch on.
  3. Once it's on, the Automated Scan will start automatically.
  4. Every two weeks, a report will be handled by you with the vulnerabilities that were found.
  5. All of these vulnerabilities will be translated automatically to Strike’s vulnerability manager.
  6. Your Striker will test the vulnerabilities they found along with the report of the Automated Scan.

That’s it! You don’t have to worry about anything else. If you have any questions, you can talk to our sales team.

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