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Strike is the best companion for any tech team. Start testing your system's health and make cybersecurity part of your development cycle.

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Perpetual Pentesting

There is an alternative to having a big security team in-house. Get access to world-class Strikers all around the globe that will make Penetration Testings (Pentests) to your system consistently. Then, include their suggestions on your development cycle.

Perpetual pentesting


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Dashboard showing pentest percentage and vulnerabilities report chart

Extreme precision.
It's a masterpiece.

Dashboard showing pentest percentage and vulnerabilities report chart

Flexible scope.
Scale firmly.

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Real-time Reports.

Get your always updated health status. Check which targets are being tested and the list of all their vulnerabilities. Generate versatile PDF reports in seconds, with just the right information for every stakeholder.

Chat between Strikers and clients

Crystal-clear communication.

Cybersecurity experts don't work in shady and inaccessible caves in the middle of nowhere. At Strike, we believe in communication-driven processes. That’s why you will be able to chat with your Striker even using popular apps such as Slack.

Chat between Strikers and clients

Text, fix, retest. And start over.

Penetration Tests don't finish until your system is safe. When your Striker reports your vulnerabilities, the platform helps you include them in your development cycle. Then, send them back to your Striker to retest.

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