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Rituals at Strike: how we cultivate connection beyond the screen

Rituals at Strike: how we cultivate connection beyond the screen

At Strike, we know that remote teams are built on more than just tasks, they're rooted in a shared sense of belonging and camaraderie. In fact, one of our core values is Team First, because it reflects the power of unity and teamwork. That's why we've crafted a collection of rituals aimed at strengthening bonds and nurturing community among our team members.

From online team bonding sessions to in-person retreats, each tradition adds an essential touch to our company culture.

Join us as we explore the essence of these rituals and their role within the remote work experience at Strike.

Our remote rituals

Team Bondings

Once a month, the Strike Team gathers virtually for 1 hour and 30 minutes sessions. It's a moment where we disconnect from our routines and have fun. Through games, we get to know each other better and break through the barriers of shyness.

The games are a lot of fun and often involve interesting facts about each team member, helping us to continue getting to know each other. For example, a curious fact bingo or guessing who's who in childhood photos. It could also be a virtual escape room. We always split into teams and play for points and time. We know that competition adds adrenaline to the challenge!

The activities, teams, and hosts vary in each session. That's what makes each Team Bonding unique.

Random Donuts

Integrating the app Donut into Slack enables us to encourage interaction within the Strike Team. Donut facilitates meetings between "Randoms", taking into account everyone's schedule availability.

The concept is similar to "random coffee" or "random lunch" programs where participants are randomly paired to meet and chat. It promotes a sense of belonging and helps those who don't usually interact with each other to connect, share experiences, knowledge, and ideas.

It’s about simply providing a fun and informal way for people to connect.

Think Days

The dynamics of the Think Day at Strike involve dedicating an entire day of our schedule per quarter to deeply reflect on areas or aspects where we could improve, bringing issues to light, proposing ideas, and suggesting possible solutions.

Indeed, one of our core values is Be Humble, and we believe that there is always someone who can teach us something new from another perspective. This space is ideal for putting this concept into practice.

These dedicated days allow team members to come together virtually, sharing insights, brainstorming ideas, and collaborating on solutions. Think Days is our way to create an inclusive space where every voice is heard and valued, enriching our experience as a fully remote team.

Learn more about the dynamic of Think Days here: Strategic pause: The key role of Think Days at Strike

Strike Talks

At Strike, we're firm believers in learning from the best. That's why we regularly invite experts to share their knowledge and inspire us to elevate our careers to new heights.

We're honored to engage in conversations with industry leaders, receiving invaluable advice and hearing inspiring professional experiences.

These sessions bring us together virtually, creating shared experiences and a sense of community as we learn from industry leaders. By participating in these talks, team members feel connected and supported, knowing that they're part of a collective pursuit of knowledge and growth.

Beyond the screen: Strike’s Retreats

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To truly encapsulate our core value of Team First, the Strike Team comes together in person twice a year.

Today, our teams span across Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Spain. These gatherings allow us to be in the same moment and place for a few days. With different routines and time zones, organizing retreats is one of our more important rituals.

During these retreats, we immerse ourselves in cultural exchanges, outdoor activities, delicious food, and team-focused initiatives. We reflect on our achievements and efforts thus far, laying the groundwork for the future.

Moreover, these retreats usually last for two to three days, giving us all plenty of time to really get to know each other and strengthen our bond as a team. The vibe is just electric! Picture this: we're all gathering from different parts of the world, excited to come together, and share stories. Whether we're tackling team-building challenges, sitting down for delicious meals, or simply enjoying each other's company, you can feel the camaraderie in the air.

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